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Frequently Asked Questions
About our Service:

Simply call 0861 622 642 to make a booking with 1 FOR THE ROAD at least 2 hours before you require a driver. Advance bookings are welcomed.

Pre-booking is essential for busy times of the year such as Christmas and New Year's Eve. As far as possible, 1 FOR THE ROAD will try to accommodate you, but note that waiting times might be greatly increased during this busy period if you don't pre-book a driver.

The call centre closes at 2am. If you require a driver later than 2am, you need to pre-book with the call centre at least 2 hours prior.

You can cancel a pre-booked call-out by phoning the call centre at least 2 hours prior to the requested booking - or at least before the driver has left to drive through to you. Any cancellations after this time will be charged as follows:

  • Cancellation made between 1 hours - 1h59 mins before scheduled pick-up: 10% of minimum fee relative to package
  • Cancellation made less than 59min before scheduled pick-up: 50% of minimum fee relative to package

The service offered by 1 FOR THE ROAD only applies to our drivers transporting you home in your vehicle. This is stated in your contract agreement.

Yes, you can, provided that you make this request to the call centre prior to your driver's arrival. You will be charged for the extra mileage / for another round-trip per additional drop off.

Your driver should normally arrive within 45 mins - 1hour. While this time period is dependent on traffic and the number of other call out requests, we will let you know via SMS if there are any delays. We will always endeavour to service you timeously.

The call centre operator will advise you of your driver's name and upon his arrival, we request that you check his 1 FOR THE ROAD ID before giving him your car keys.

Cape Town and the surrounds.

By agreeing to the terms in your contract agreement, you have indemnified 1 For the Road and therefore you carry the risk and will need to claim from your insurance.

About the Contract Agreement:

The contract is valid for twelve months from date of signature. Thereafter, the contract is automatically renewed for the same period unless written notice is received 30 days before the expiry date of the initial period or subsequent renewal period.

Package changes are normally only permitted at the annual renewal time of your contract. However please contact us> with any requests for package changes and we will endeavour to accommodate you.

The Night Out :

If you are unsure of the time you will need to be picked up, follow these easy steps:

  • Drive to the venue in your own car (with the anticipation of a fun filled evening, with no concern of HOW you're getting home).
  • Have fun.
  • About an hour before you are ready to leave, phone the call centre on 0861 622 642.
  • You will receive an sms confirming venue/time/drop off address and driver details.
  • Carry on having fun.
  • After 45mins to an hour, you will receive another sms, letting you know that your driver is waiting for you, you have 15 mins to leave the venue and meet him.
  • Leave the venue, driver will be easily identifiable waiting outside or at your car.
  • Hand him your keys, and relax knowing that you are doing the responsible thing, and have peace of mind about getting home safely.
  • Once home, driver will park your car, wish you a pleasant evening further, and leave.
  • Sleep well, and drink lots of water.
  • Alternatively, there will be those nights when the need to use 1 FOR THE ROAD is more spontaneous. Call 0861 622 642 and request your pick up time.
  • Upon arrival of your pick-up driver, you will receive an SMS notifying you of his arrival and exact location. You have 15 mins to make your way outside and find your driver.
  • Your driver will drive you home in your car, with his driving partner following in his own vehicle.
  • Once you are home safe and sound, both drivers will then depart in their own vehicle.
  • You wake up in the morning in one piece. And safe in the knowledge that you haven't harmed anyone else due to driving under the influence. It's not negotiable.