Founded by Joffy Senekal, 1 For the Road is a responsible alternative to driving while under the influence. Joffy's journey to this point has been the reason for his founding the service. A passionate father of three, Joffy is a 53 year-old South African who for many years did what countless others do on a regular basis, compromise his life and that of scores of other road users by driving while over the limit (2 drinks).

Having spent the last 20 years working in the alcohol industry on some of the world's biggest drinks brands, Joffy engaged in regular networking and of course drinking - both quite typical of the highly competitive and fast-paced industry. He has seen a lot, worked hard and partied hard, and now wants to "give back" by providing a service that promotes responsible behaviour while out socializing with friends and colleagues.

The new laws that come into place in April 2011 - known as AARTO and otherwise called the demerit system - mean that if you are caught driving while under the influence your license can be suspended for 3 months. That's no driving at all for 3 months. And as roadblocks are noticeably on the rise, the reality is that people will need to start obeying the law or face the dire consequences.

"After the first or second time that you use this service, it becomes a "way of life", and going out and socialising comes with absolutely no anxiety. No more "hope there are no roadblocks", or, "I think I'm ok to drive", or "I'll drive slowly", "I know the back roads", "I live just around the corner" etc, ...the ones we've all used. Remember, 2 drinks and you ARE over the limit."

"You have one life. You have one family. It's one responsible choice. It's not negotiable."

Joffy Senekal

Call Centre Number: 0861 622 642
Alternate Number: 081 809 8956
WhatsApp Number: 081 809 8956

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